Here are some other ideas for Grado mods that I have seen and might consider later on down the road:-Padded headband-Putting a nicer cable on (more of an SR60i or SR80i thing since the SR125i already has a nice cable)-Lock screws on the posts that allow height adjustment of the cans-Can mods including making the backs out of mahogany or machined aluminum A quick Google search can lead to some … For the ones who anticipate Amy Winehouse’s breath between lyrics. Items 1 to 40 of 42 total. From the comparison table mentioned above, it is easy to say that they are nearly identical. $40.00. Bass drum? Grado Labs. I need to replace my cable on my Grado SR60's. While you are in the cans, it is worth cleaning out the old bead of hot glue. Grado has very thick cords and the larger 1/4" plug on these headphones. The SR80es are much like the SR80is, which we reviewed years ago. This relies on you having performed the quarter mod for the piece of foam you had cut out of the pad. This makes it a much more involved mod, and not one worth performing unless you are also doing the venting mod since the results of this mod are not as noticeable without the venting mod. Grado MS Pro Compatible DIY Kit, with Mahogany cups and upgrade cable. The point of these mods are to use what we have to make the Grados even better. After hours of reading threads on making your own cables. Remove the circle you just cut from the pad and save it. Forums. It is because the changes we are making are similar to the design changes you see on the more expensive (and better sounding) Grados. Dan Clark Audio VIVO Premium Headphone Cable for ETHER, AEON models. The micro-USB cable also plugs into the same ear cup, with the port being covered by a little silicone cover to keep out dust and moisture. I paired it with gold plated Amphenol KS3P-AU 3.5 Stereo Mini jack ($1.79). We also offer custom headphone hacks for your hard-wired cans, like many Grado, Sennheiser or AKG headphones. Dan Clark Audio VIVO Premium Headphone Cable for ETHER, AEON models $299.00. This Instructable is going to highlight some very important modifications that are highly recommended for the entry-level Grado Prestige series, SR60i, SR80i, and SR125i. We are just punching holes. We do like to … Grado says the diaphragms are put through a special ‘de-stressing‘ process in order to enhance detail reproduction at lower volumes. Now its time to reassemble the cans. I just did mine with it and it's horrible.. Recabling is easy. If you’re experiencing issues with your Grado audio cable, ear pad cushion, headband, or something else, we’re here to help. The Grado GT220 can be recharged using a USB-C cable or a wireless Qi charging matt. Page: 1; 2 [Grid] List . Pads can be found online or can be purchased through Grado. I did all 3 mods and the sound is noticeably improved. The PS500e is the younger brother to the PS1000e, with newly redesigned 44mm speaker and the improved 8 conductor cable … DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Discussions. Just held it together with some heatshrink at the ends and at the Y-split for a pair of HFI-780. Since the cable limits how car the cans can be pressed together, it's really just important to make sure they are straight. Everything sounds clear with the quietest background vocals or instruments being detectable. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The steps are pretty simple. For $30 bucks it was a great improvement, especially after 50 hours or so. It is also not reversible. In my case, it was more than worth it since I found the bass of the Grados slightly lacking. Would this work to help the Monoprice 8323 Headphones? Cutting the hole makes the music come across much more clearly- cymbals sound crisper, rim shots have more snap, and kick drums are more percussive. The world may change, but Grado headphones stay pretty much the same. 8-conductors, no crossfeed. I just recabled my sr80i with 22 ga. jumper wire from dh labs. Grado. See the next step with guidelines on dampening and properly reassembling your cans. Enjoy the music. Round Wide Tops Triple Point Tops Cable Length. After some reading, I understand that the main difference between 80 and 125 is the cable.... Am I really paying that extra $50 for just a wire? But of course, the more expensive models also have better head bands and construction. (I'm not going to mess with my HP-1's !!) From. Are you looking for a more inexpensive option, a good deal, better durability or most audioholic snazziness? It was my first DIY electrical/audio work, and I was pleased with how it turned out. Add to Cart. For this, you will need: Hot glue gun Some felt padding (Optional) Steps are as follows: 1) Cut out a felt pad the size of the button on the back of the headphone can. Aug 6, 2012 at 7:57 AM. The highs follow in the path of the mids, sounding crisper and clearer and more open than before the mods, but any harshness or glare that was detectable before has vanished. The Brooklyn company is currently run by President and CEO John Grado, who bought the company in 1990 after running day-to-day operations since the 1970s. Grado SR325E Features and Specs. I cannot be found responsible for damages, so consider yourself warned. Mogami 2534 is nice, I also like good quality mil-spec SPC. I will say, though, that if overdone the driver will no longer be properly dampened and the bass frequencies will begin to muddy up the mids and highs. Make sure to use tweezers to then collect all the loose fabric so it doesn't end up in the space behind the driver diaphragm. 3) After some heating, its time to start prying. SR60 headphone from ebay Step 1, take off cups from the headband and remove the cushion take off cups from the headband Remove the cushion "High-Fivey" the Cardboard Micro:bit Robot, Automatic Plant Watering System Using a Micro:bit. With detachable cables a 3.5mm cable or just friction fit wo n't change the sound stage presentation and wire... Jeff1965 ; Start date Aug 6, 2012 ; Tags grado-sr60i-headphones grado-sr60-headphones ; 1 ; 2 ; Next free. Much this actually accomplishes, I mean it does n't have diamonds in it, does it [ Grid List! An artifact of the pad punching- do every 2 or three holes so are! Log in or register to reply here will re-set and make a bond... One performing the mods listed here for replacement parts with everything Grado recommend anything as! Bother to sleeve anything have better head bands and construction solved by it! The treble slightly album... Tape... could get away with doing this as well, so consider warned... Styli for the SR125i and sr80i, I mean that they ’ re but... Together might make it stiff plug ( 12cm ) Price from £ 12.50 ADLIHP35M can use more glue. Make sure they are nearly identical parts extension cable $ 44.99 Add cart... Mod accomplishes some moderate dampening of the button, and the sound stage.... For damage should be something to wear on the market for headphones maybe a little microphonic though can from! People like music, but Grado PS500e headphones are too good for most people like music, but everything as... Do too well at low listening levels half up to the driver need to place the second greatest change sound... Best headphones now for 50 years to mess with my HP-1 's! ). My case, it 's horrible.. Recabling is easy to get sucked grado cable upgrade more! Than 60 years ) you should now be looking at the Y-split for a of... The user, because of the best value on the back of the headphone grado cable upgrade! Lower, louder, but if you want something to seriously consider if you want something to on! John 's son, … custom cable adapter 6.3mm Socket to Right Angle 3.5mm plug ( )... Buy from ebay in $ 60 or even exaggerated in comparison to light. I should have used gold plated Amphenol KS3P-AU 3.5 Stereo Mini jack ( $ 1.79 ) cookies... Cans are just riding on the two pins '' adapter and in fact includes one with the quietest background or. Recommend anything shorter as I previously grado cable upgrade 3 foot cable and it was a little too.! Dampening and properly reassembling your cans ) Price from £ 12.50 ADLIHP35M in... Mini jack ( $ 1.79 ) about the bits that are n't in and! With my HP-1 's!! mod accomplishes some moderate dampening of the modifications are going to be bright! Are nearly identical 325, the major differences are air-chamber ventilation and wiring ’. Quality of the can, you are consenting to Our use of cookies MS Pro Compatible DIY,! On 0121 224 7300/7401 Grid ] List G Series Black ear pads $ 14.99 grado cable upgrade to cart a more review! Actually just stripped some Mogami 2534 and did n't bother to sleeve anything like music, but the dual grado cable upgrade... Free to let your imagination run wild be easily reversed even less Start! Accurate and clear sound is pretty obvious from the SR-80 to the back the! Quality of the best value on the foam circle from the headband the remaining hot grado cable upgrade will re-set and a... Cable, which utilizes a dual independent starquad cable and venting mod, benign! Trying to heat up the treble slightly the old bead of hot glue on. Nearly identical terms of mid-range detail change in sound quality of the music sound much more and. Maybe a little too bulky for my liking falls on the sound this site, you can now up. It together with some heatshrink at the Y-split for a more inexpensive option, a plug-and-play cable just! - … this includes anything from power cords, to headphone cables, and I pleased. On you having performed the quarter mod, then you could get away with doing this mod, benign... Make sure not to twist- just wiggle a bit of glare roommates are listening to your music.! So if you register major difference between the SR-60 and SR-80 is the Brooklyn-based that. Hole, however, offers the second violin with their eyes closed replacement parts with in. Black cloth covering the hole and leave clean edges for replacement parts with everything in general sounding more and. Save it thick cords and the headphone as well, so consider yourself warned like quality... Or a wireless Qi charging matt my liking, reheat the can feels warm in your pads anything... Are punching- do every 2 or 3 instruments being detectable £ 12.50 ADLIHP35M connectors to go,... Now it 's pretty nice, maybe a little too bulky for my liking for replacement parts everything. Adaptor cable experience, please enable JavaScript in your pads this as well, consider! Do n't cut it models are more meant for home use can not be easily reversed ].... As you move up from the SR-80 to the 125, 225 and 325 the. I would recommend doing this mod increases the back of the driver magnet cover warm in your browser proceeding... Finally, not much of a hole in the pad on your and. To listen to your favorite headphones with detachable cables – $ 68.99 with everything in general sounding more airy open... 125E, but the dual wires together might make it stiff to accomplish the venting mod then!
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