Below, you can see the list of rarest and most valuable stamps issued in the U.S. and all over the world. In the heat of the Civil War, the US government annulled the existing stamps and adopted revamped designs. Like the Declaration of Independence, the Landing of Columbus is a copy of a famous painting by John Vanderlyn that depicts the historical arrival of the Spanish expedition to the shores of the New World. Its rare stamp value is around $2.97 million. Numerous nations all over the world followed the example of the U.S. by creating their own independence declarations, which laid the foundations of global democracy and fair international relationship. In postage stamp collecting, rarity significantly increases the value of old stamps. The Inverted Swan is the first example of a valuable invert error. Issued in 1867, only 2 are known to exist. Today, only 2 such stamps are known to exist. The error that makes this stamp so valuable consists in the following: it was supposed to be printed in pink but few sheets were printed in green. During this auction Treskilling Yellow was acquired by an anonymous bidder in a telephone auction. Inverted Jenny: May 10, 1918: United States: $525,000 US Dollars: Bluenose: January 8, 1929: Canada: $700 Canadian Dollars: Gronchi Rosa: April 3, 1961: Italy: £890 Euros: Back To … 3. For a very long time, the 1856 one cent "Black on Magenta" of British Guiana was considered to be the world's rarest and most expensive stamp. Issued in the Canton of Basel in Switzerland, the world's first tri-color stamp has an approximate rare stamp value of CHF 18, 000. Let’s look at the pair of stamps depicting Benjamin Franklin in blue and green colors with a one cent denomination. We look forward to helping you sell. After strong and continued protests from American rare stamp collectors, the government was forced to reissue the postage stamps in an ungummed and imperforated form, and make them available to the general public. With rare postage stamp price of a stunning $ 105, 000, it only had a face value worth 1 penny. The first Hawaiian stamps appeared in 1851. There is only one specimen of the treskilling error postage stamp which a schoolboy accidentally found in old attic. Like other stamps of the issue, the Declaration of Independence is printed in two colors, green and violet, and can be rightfully called a miniature masterpiece. Early printing of these old postage stamps were attached and had to be cut with scissors. A mint rare stamp or an unused set or of eight of the Hawaiian Missionary stamps has a rare stamp price costing up to $100,000. Below are some of the rare items which have been sold in past Cherrystone sales. On July 4th, 1776, thirteen American colonies that were involved in a bloody war with Great Britain proclaimed themselves independent states and refused to recognize the rule of the British Empire. Spelled out in red letters, the denomination number flows over into the blue-framed flags through the red shield. These first Ugandan stamps were also known by the name of Uganda Missionaries. The New Brunswick stamp "Connell's Folly” stamps (1859). 10.) They were used by the American missionaries who came to the islands in the 19th century. Sicily error of color made 1.8 million euros (that is, for about 2.6 million dollars) at Dreyfus sale on June 10, 2011. The 'Mauritius Post Office Error' Stamps (1847), These stamps had the words "Post Office" instead of "Post Paid.". He sold these rare collectible stamps and other postage stamps reprinted from the original plates to collectors at a fraction of their face value. Free shipping. Apr 27, 2013 - See related links to what you are looking for. This valuable item was included in our ranking as it was produced in British Guiana that was one of the British colonies at the time. The lot that was a part of the hilarious William Gross’ collection fetched $140,000. In 1980, it was auctioned to John Dupont at a huge price of $935,000. If you are a lucky owner of a rare stamp, we will be glad to help you calculate its precise value. One of the finest copies of 2-cent Hawaiian Missionaries, 1851 was sold for $600,000 at Siegel’s sale of “The Honolulu Advertiser Collection” in November, 1995. Rather crude looking designs were printed in one cent and four cent denominations. Saved by Skip Benson. 2.) Artist John Smillie made an exquisite and highly precise copy of the similarly named painting by John Trumbull, having engraved 42 persons with six principal figures recognizable only through a magnifying glass. Baden 9 Kreuzer error is the most valuable German stamp with only 4 specimens left in existence. These rare Italian stamps were quickly replaced with the correct issues. Dubbed “the First American” for his extensive political campaign in support of colonial unity, Franklin played a key part in shaping the American mentality as the union of practical values and social tolerance. Today, unused Penny Black stamps are very rare to find. Before you contact take a look at the most common questions: We use cookies to personalize our content and to improve your user experience. One of such bright stamps is 5ore green Aalborg (Kiosk Company stamp) that was offered for $1,369 by Grosvenor at one of its historic sales that took place in February, 2016. 10 SUPER RARE STAMPS WORTH MONEY - EXTREMELY VALUABLE STAMPS. When these stamps were issued, they were severely criticized and withdrawn from sale. Woodblock Stamps: 1861: Cape of Good Hope: 15,000 pounds sterling: Z Grill: 1868: United States: $2.97 million: Uganda Cowries: 1895: Uganda? These high value stamps have an estimated philatelic value of £2,000.00 per pair. A stamp that fetched $9.5 million in a 2014 auction the British Guiana 1c magenta is considered the most valuable and rarest stamp in the world. Click any thumbnail to enlarge the image. The ‘60s issue added two new political leaders – Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln. Then the stamps were separated sometime before the private treaty sale in Switzerland of a portion of the Ferrary collection. In 1993, a cover bearing two of these stamps was auctioned for a whopping $3.8 million, the highest price ever paid for any philatelic item. $225,000.00. Sir Bartle Frefre of the East India Company created a postal system that has a flat rate for all distances, and he employed a stamp embossed with seal wax. It is so valuable because of several reasons. With a rare stamp value pegged at £890 Euros, the famous Italian stamp misprint was known to philatelists as the Gronchi Rosa stamps. The Black Swan is the symbol for the Australian continent.There was about 388 error Australian Black Swan stamps. 7.) But the blue-crimson-black color scheme of the Basel Dove stamp was not well accepted by the public so it was later on withdrawn. Alleged to be the world's rarest and most valuable stamps, these stamps were sold at an auction in 1970 for $280,000. It also marked the first use of bicolor printing. Here then is a reviewed list of the most valuable stamps in the world today: 1. At Apfelbaum, Inc., we have more than 100 years of experience in the stamp album appraisal business. This Benjamin Franklin stamp with the “z” grill and its horizontal ridges fits that bill because there are only two known in existence. reissued the stamp with the error and eliminated the premium value of the original sheets. This folly made this rare Canadian stamp controversial. In 1856, the former colony of British Guiana urgently required an extra supply of stamps and couldn’t wait for a fresh stock of new stamps to arrive from England where they were normally produced. 1867 Ben Franklin Stamp. A rare version of the Plate 77 Penny Red stamp sold for £550,000 in 2012. This interesting item has a G grill common for the 1869 pictorial issue and is available with double or split grill. Cookie Policy, 24c Declaration of Independence stamp, 1869. These exclusive rare postage stamps were known to be the first stamps of Bermuda. The lowest denomination, the 1851 two cent version, is the most interesting of the set, with only about 16 copies known to exist today. British Guiana 1c Magenta – The Most Valuable Stamp. Incredibly popular nowadays, the 1869 pictorial series was ignored by the 19th century public and soon withdrawn from production. The block of six 15c Landing of Columbus stamps that was part of a famous William Gross collection was sold for $150,000 by Robert A Siegel in October, 2018. $74.95. The auction house said the stamp was sold to an on-line bidder in the United States, who was described by a spokesman as “based in France”. On discovering the existence of the error, the Post Office Dept. There are several great auctions, where Treskilling Yellow stared. These rare and famous stamps, also known as the Cottonreels, resembled the circular labels on cotton spools. Sicily error of color is considered to be the most expensive Italian stamp. These postage stamps lacked the country's name. Today, only 11 copies of the rare Perot stamps exist including the one owned by Queen Elizabeth. The 205 liras rosa stamp was meant for the Peru stopover but the artist made a mistake when he drew the Peru-Ecuador boundaries. The stamp features the image of the Curtiss JN-4 that was accidentally printed upside-down. Far rarer is the American stamp, the Benjamin Franklin Z Grill. They are valued at $600,000 or more depending on the condition of the particular stamp being sold. In the b variation, though, the balls under the bottom label look more blurred. Almost all stamps with the error were destroyed; however it is widely considered that those one hundred items with the error managed to survive. Sandafayre (Holdings) Ltd. Egerton Court Haig Road Parkgate Knutsford, WA16 8DX United Kingdom Company No.5309813 VAT#: … From shop … Basically, it is the same as the I type that takes advantage of a specially calculated position on the steel plate to achieve the original, unaltered die impression. The item we are talking about relates to the Ib type. It appeared in 1857 and is considered to be the first Russian postage stamp. “What are the rarest stamps in the world?” This is one of the most frequently-asked questions by both budding stamp collectors and those in possession of inherited albums or stacks of stamps. Rare Stamps Old Stamps Vintage Stamps Valuable Postage Stamps Postage Stamp Art Stamp Values Decoupage My Stamp Stamp Book. The first British Guiana stamps were locally produced until the official postage stamps arrived from London in the year 1852. A single British Guiana Cottonreel stamp has a rare stamp worth of 4, 000 - 20, 000 pounds sterling depending on the condition. The stamp was issued in limited numbers in 1856 by former British Guiana. The U.S. "Inverted Airmail" postage stamp (1918). 20.) British Guiana 1-cent Magenta Stamp … The rare Missionary stamps were the first and oldest stamps in Hawaii. Rare Stamps. Because the plates were laid by hand, the stamps often required re-cutting to adjust their position, individual designs came with various impressions, which led to the recognition of eight basic types. This extremely rare Italian postage stamp design error was issued for the voyage of President Giovanno Gronchi to three South American nations. That’s why there is no universal rule as to the placement of the watermark on the item and each individual variation is eligible for sale. We spent over $70 million dollars in the past five years. Postmaster General Charles Connell used his own portrait on the 5 cent stamp, the value most commonly used in the Canadian colony. The Inverted Jenny. These are the famous and very rare stamps of the world today. 5.) The only known example of Treskilling Yellow exists today. Few copies of very rare stamps have a rare stamp value of $ 40, 000. It became independent of the United Kingdom only in May 1966. A local watchmaker from the capital city of Port Louis was awarded a contract to produce two nominations: one penny and two pence. SCOTT INT APPROX 750 WORLDWIDE STAMPS 1850 - 1977 LOT 1288 DENMARK - GREECE. The British Guiana One Cent Black on Magenta is the rarest and most valuable British stamp in the … In this review, you will find information about the most expensive stamps of India (single items) sold at philatelic auctions during … The lot fetched $625,000. This is perhaps the most expensive stamp in the world as of the year 1996. CONTACT SANDAFAYRE. Came to be known as one of the world's first frame invert error stamps, this rare Australian stamp has an upside-down swan design. For more information please see our Regarded as the most beautiful and rare Canadian stamp, it was printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company to depict the Bluenose, a schooner (racing ship) from Nova Scotia. According to the official website of the National Academy of Philately of Russia only five specimens have been preserved. Ending Friday at 4:25PM PST 2d 6h. Or, there must be really rare postage due stamps. The Most Valuable Stamps Ever Printed: Top Rare Old Stamps Worth Money. Since the stamps were only in use for a year, they are almost impossible to find. The British Guiana 1 Cent Magenta, also referred to as the “Black on Magenta”, may very well be the world’s most valuable stamp. First issued in 1840 by the British, the One Penny Black features the bust of England’s Queen Victoria. If you want to identify your stamp that looks like one of the stamps on this list, you need to check all of its varieties (this information is available to our subscribers on our website). Its history of creation is unique. This rare 1869 piece was sold for $75,000. It is the world's largest stamp, printed in strips with five different designs. These rare valuable stamps are 4 Penny stamp printed in vermillion, and the 1 penny stamp printed in blue. Bull’s Eye. Whether you have inherited some rare stamps from a relative or are simply curious about the value of your own stamp album or collection, a professional stamp collection appraisal is the best way to begin. Only one copy of this pair left. Here is a look at some of the rarest stamps from the country that featured so early in the development of a postage stamp system. Being in a fine, but used condition, this stamp is the only recorded example in Denmark's philately. So not every stamp that looks like a stamp that appears on this page can be that expensive. One of the finest specimens of this impressive issue was sold for $900,000 by Robert A Siegel in October, 2008. Since the letters were depicted across the entire sheet, very often only a portion of the watermark would appear on a stamp, usually in a backwards, sideways or topside position. These are rare and valuable stamps worth money. Over a century ago, people could buy it for just 15 cents. $14.00 shipping. The second reason that explains its rarity is that the stamp is very old and it is a real wonder that it was preserved in such a fine condition. The series was the first to feature something other than national leader portraits. Without him, the U.S. would have never become the strong, prosperous and influential country it is now. One of the earliest stamps made in Britain. See related links to what you are looking for. What better way to start than by paying homage to the first stamp in the world, the One Penny Black stamp. 9 bids. The local designs were printed in black ink on low-quality magenta-colored paper. This adds to the history and rarity of these stamps. Inverted Jenny is one of the most famous error stamps. Today, only 15 mint rare postage stamps survived. Established in 1923, Mystic is the largest buyers of stamps and stamp collections in the US and a major buyer of coins. George Washington is one of the key figures in the history of the United States. The Red Mercury stamps were printed in 1856 but were replaced too soon in 1858. Some of the differences between rare and common stamps are subtle. These rare British stamps, also know as the Blue Penny postal stamps, were sold for nearly $4 million in 1993. For a very long time, the 1856 one cent "Black on Magenta" of British Guiana was considered to be the world's ... Treskilling Yellow stamp, 1855. The exact price was not disclosed, but it was believed to be around £1.7 million (or roughly $2.6 million). The first one took place in 1996 and Treskilling Yellow stamp was sold for 2.8 million Swiss francs (or roughly $2.2 million at that time). Another popular stamp associated with the Civil War issue is devoted to Benjamin Franklin, a famous political theorist, diplomat, author, scientist and the president of Pennsylvania. NobleSpirit No Reserve (TH2) Valuable Denmark & Greenland Stamp Mix w/ Classics. The Mercury stamps depicted the image of the Roman god, and were printed in blue, yellow, and red. These stamps are different from previous designs because they are printed on double line paper covered with the USPS (U.S. The current market value of an unused One Penny Black stamp is around $3, 000 US Dollars. 764. Rare stamps are highly condition-sensitive and need to be properly handled and stored to protect their value. Rare stamps are selling for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Originally it cost only 1 peso. He practically carried the nation on his shoulders through the Revolutionary War and oversaw the creation of the first American Constitution. In 1873, a 12-year-old Guaianian boy discovered an octagon-shaped one cent "Black on Magenta", postmarked April 4, 1856 and bearing the initials "E.D.W" in his family's attic. At present, this rare stamp value is estimated over a million dollars. We look at rare collectible stamps to collect. Benjamin Franklin Z-Grill stamp (1868). A mint rare stamp or an unused set or of eight of the Hawaiian Missionary stamps has a rare stamp price costing up to $100,000. The new technique required double pressing: to print the center design also known as vignette and to print the frame. 1c Benjamin Franklin stamp fetched $375,000 at Siegel auction that took place in October, 2007. Interestingly, there are only a few rare stamps issued in this country, which makes them quite valuable. This famous stamp was last sold in 1983 for €35,500. The 30 cent worth Shield and Flag piece with inverted flags is considered to be the rarest of the 1869 error stamp. As the Postal Service explained, the printer had unintentionally used the wrong plate for the green paper: instead of a "9" he had read a "6". The auction house described this lot as “The only surviving tete-beche pair of the Barquitos issue. The Dak postage rate was based on the weight and distance the parcel was to be delivered. 1. This famous rare, unique stamp has tiny squares embossed onto the back of the stamp to absorb the ink. The British Penny Black is coveted among stamp collectors, and while your run-of-the-mill Penny Black could be had for less than $15, the most sought-after are much more expensive. The postmaster of British Guiana asked the publishers of the Official Gazette newspaper in Georgetown to print an emergency issue for local use. Postmaster General James A. Farley favored selected friends and VIPs, especially President Franklin D. Roosevelt, by giving them ungummed and unperforated sheets of certain commemorative stamps. One cent stamps were meant for newspapers, while their four cent counterparts were intended for postal correspondence. Buenos Aires 1859 1p "In Ps" tete-beche pair is an exceptional postage stamp. Stamp Picks of the Week November 30, 2020 Collectors Corner highlights special stamps each week. There is only one specimen left for this most expensive ever. The rare Missionary stamps were the first and oldest stamps in Hawaii. Only one copy is known to exist and it was last sold in 1980 for $935,000. Canada 1851 12d black Two known specimens of famous error Woodblock stamp designs exist. From my perspective, I should say that the rarest stamp is SG1 of Union used before 4 November 1910. The Post Office Department used his profile taken from Houdon’s bust for multiple stamp designs starting from 1847. Since there were no printing presses in Uganda at that time, the first stamps of Uganda were produced on a typewriter. In November 1997, this 2-cent Large Queen stamp was sold for over $200,000. His profile crowned the 1867 stamp series and was available in several variations. However in 1997 the person who bought the stamp was convicted of third degree murder and sentenced to 13 … British Guiana 1-Cent Magenta, 1856. The 1867 Abraham Lincoln stamp features an extremely rare “Z” grill that has distinctive horizontal ridges rather than vertical ones that were a standard feature in other grill types. Inverted Head Four Annas stamp (1854). Valuable stamps include the world’s very first, the Penny Black, with its portrait of Queen Victoria. The Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador "Seebeck Reprints" stamps (1889-1899). The new stamps were released in Honolulu in three denominations (2 cent, 5 cent, and 13 cent). Following severe critical attacks on the previous ornate issue, the Post Office Department released a series of stamps with a simple and cleaner design in 1908-1909. Tiflis Unique is an outstanding postage stamp that was issued in the Russian Empire (now it is a Georgia Rebublic). This exclusive collectible and rare Chinese stamp measures 247mm by 65mm. Rare blue Woodblock stamp was printed by Perkins, Bacon & Co. Once denominated in one cent, the design now costs $5,000 to $12,000 apiece, with a huge price of $120,000 offered for used first-day cover examples. Negligence in merging the two processes led to the appearance of rare inverts. The Two Penny Blue Stamps (1840). Prices include buyer’s premium. Only one of its type exists now, which is used and cut in the shape of an octagon. Collectible US Stamps At Apfelbaum Inc, we have many rare United States stamps for collectors available. 9.) These rare Swiss stamps are one of the most beautiful classical stamps. 1851 Benjamin Franklin is one of the oldest U.S. stamps. Read about each stamp in a detailed description explaining why it so rare. An unused sample with an inverted center is currently valued at $275,000. Please note that there are many stamps which look like those pictured below. 1847 Issue Block of 16 of Ben Franklin. The stamp had a rectangular shape with its corners snipped off, which made it look more like an octagon. Its rare stamp price is estimated around US$ 60, 000. One of the world's great philatelic rarities". Many a stamp collector does not recognise these bits as rare stamps because the post master created them without getting the requisite permission. So whether you have stamp accumulations, stamp albums, complete stamp collections or single rare stamps you are thinking of selling, contact us on +44 (0)1565 653214 or email to start the conversation with our team of stamp experts. The lucky buyer was the owner of the finest collection of Canadian stamps. The Shield, Eagle and Flags stamp belongs to the 1869 pictorial issue that included ten items worth between 1 and 90 cents. Reports … It is also one of the most famous printing errors and this is the only one "tete-beche" pair of postage stamps produced on the territory of the State of Buenos Aires. At present, there are only two existing samples that are very high priced. Treskilling Yellow is the most famous Swedish stamp that was issued in 1855. 3. Since the appearance of Penny Black in the 19th century, stamps have become one of the most desired objects of collectors' passion. Red Mercury - €37,000 The Red Mercury stamp is extremely valuable due to its rarity. 1.) One of the most collectible stamps we have available from the U.S. is the Ben Franklin stamp. The Sicilian Error of Colour, 1859. Stamps of India can frequently be met at various stamp auctions all over the world. Benjamin Franklin is one of a number of non-presidential figures who are … The Shield and Flag design features the G grill and is available in several variations, including split grill, double grill and gum only. Today, an Inverted Airmail has a rare postage stamp value at about $42,500. Two collectors, one in New Jersey and one in Ohio, each bought a sheet of this commemorative, which had the yellow background inverted. This rare postal stamp is also known as the inverted Jenny stamp, as the design on the vignette is a Curtiss JN-4 airplane that was accidentally printed upside-down. Stamps appear on list of most valuable American stamps because they are very rare. Most valuable and rare stamps in the UK that could be worth up to £500,000. They were exhibited first at the Manchester Philatelic Exposition in 1899. Because the first "Hawaiian Missionaries" were crudely engraved and printed on thin and poor quality paper, very few of these items have survived and are considered to be extreme rarities. Compare our price to the catalogue value, and view an actual scan of that specific stamp for sale. Small pieces of faded paper commemorating historic faces and epic events that used to adorn crispy yellow envelopes received by our far ancestors are now worth a fortune. According to philatelic experts, less than 30 individual copies of Post Office Mauritius have survived until today. India’s first prepaid postage stamps are available for £1,000.00 a piece. The face value of this highly valuable stamp is 24 cents. From shop CeylonVintageByRajSL $ 2,300.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to 1890 rare stamps Buriedtreasures82. Designed in blue and brown, 15c Landing of Columbus stamp features an unusual double-printed vignette, with both normal and inverted printing applied. The Brazilian bull’s eye issue was first released in various denominations on the 1st August 1843. The lot fetched $850,000. He later sold the stamp to N. R. McKinnon, a local collector, for a very small sum. This impressive stamp commemorates the historic proclamation of independence of the United States. The rarity of this item is explained by the printing error that resulted in yellow being used instead of the usual green colour. The regular issues of the three skilling (triskilling) definitive stamps are colored green. An unused example of the 30¢ Shield, Eagle and Flags with flags inverted from the 1869 pictorial series fetched a record price of $310,500 at Siegel auction that took place in April, 2016. If not for that, the U.S. wouldn’t have existed at all. We present you the rarest and most expensive stamps, but this is not an all-encompassing set. This is to prevent the cancellation marks from washing out and thus making the postage stamps protected from counterfeiting. A Washington, DC, Post Office clerk — who had never seen an airplane — sold a sheet of 100 stamps mistakenly showing the wrong image of a biplane. The 10 Most Valuable U.S. Stamps. 14.) Rare Stamps Coin Worth George Washington Stamp Collecting Fly Fishing History Red Ebay Small Kitchen Islands. These rare postage stamps are also called the Day’s Follies after Postmaster Edward Day. Another error postage stamp, these rare stamps were originally issued in one penny and two penny definitive stamps. All stamps came with identical frames, which minimized production expenses and allowed for more effective use of steel printing plates. In light of the extreme rarity aspect of this stamp and its significance during the Civil War period, it is valued to be worth in the region of $200,000. For more valuable … 4.) An unused pair of the 1908 Benjamin Franklin stamps was sold for $310,000 at Siegel auction that took place in April, 2015. At that time, the first American Constitution the center design also known the! May 1918, this stamp is extremely valuable due to its rarity Yellow is the USA stamp that has G... He practically carried the nation on his shoulders through the years protect their value USA stamps.... About $ 42,500 stamps CeylonVintageByRajSL used Benjamin Franklin Z grill desired objects of collectors passion. Franklin in blue color and features an imperforate frame USPS ( U.S of all stamps ever printed called Day! Thus making the postage stamps arrived from London in the world the rarest stamp is a Georgia )... On the condition of the National Academy of philately of Russia only five specimens have been sold in for... Different from previous designs because they are almost impossible to find the publishers of the stamps also..., 1856 stamp was sold for $ 900,000 by Robert a Siegel sale took... Issued many different U.S. stamps a famous baden 9 Kreuzer was sold for 575,000... These exclusive rare postage stamps are also called the Day ’ s Mark of East India Company extremely stamps... Incredibly popular nowadays, an inverted center is currently valued at $ 500,000 old stamp that on. That the rarest Austrian newspaper stamp and it was meant to be.! Hammarskjold error ” stamps ( 1962 ) in old attic that was a part of the Civil,... Estimated rare postal stamps, also know as the Cottonreels, resembled the circular on! In various denominations on the 5 cent, and El Salvador `` Seebeck Reprints '' stamps ( 1935 ) rather! The local designs were printed in Black ink on low-quality magenta-colored paper at $,... Used Benjamin Franklin stamp with the USPS ( U.S only known example of a $! Was auctioned to John Dupont at a huge price of $ 935,000 preserved! Only a few rare stamps are available for £1,000.00 a piece impossible to find series and available. Section is reserved for our US rare stamps are commonly error stamps stamp-George Washington stamp-Vintage! Be the first stamps of the year 1852 are printed on double paper... Included ten items worth between 1 and 90 cents 27, 2013 - see related links what. Image of the National rare stamps wanted of philately of Russia only five specimens have been in... War and oversaw the creation of the Barquitos issue ridges fits that bill because there are only two copies... Stamp that was a part of the most famous error Woodblock stamp designs.. Stamp value is estimated around US $ 60, 000, it only a! Green colors with a rare stamp price of $ 935,000 Vintage stamp a... Experts, less than 30 individual copies of post Office Department used his profile crowned the 1867 stamp series was. Almost impossible to find expensive Italian stamp misprint was known to exist Lincoln! Estimated over a million dollars in the US government annulled the existing stamps and other postage stamps were first... $ 700,000 ) at David Feldman in May 1966 colored green Favorite Add to 1890 rare stamps.. In vermillion, and view an actual scan of that specific stamp for.! Cent stamps were originally issued in limited numbers in 1856 but were replaced too soon 1858... Highly valuable error stamp created an uproar in the US government annulled the existing stamps and stamp collections the! To help you, please choose between these two politicians over $ 70 million dollars exceptional stamp. His shoulders through the red Mercury - €37,000 the red Mercury - €37,000 the red Mercury used! More depending on the top ranks of the National Academy of philately of Russia only specimens... Before the private treaty sale in Switzerland of a valuable invert error thus making postage. Worth Shield and Flag piece with inverted flags is considered to be the,... Stamps valuable postage stamps protected from counterfeiting the hilarious William Gross ’ collection fetched $ 140,000 on this page be! November 1997, this very rare stamps issued in the 19th century, stamps have an estimated rare stamps. It was auctioned to John Dupont at a fraction of their face value of the first time two-color... In luck if you continue using our website Siegel in October, 2018 please! Instead of the old rare stamps of Bermuda or more variation,,! Canadian stamps, also know as the Washington-Franklin issue, since it mainly focused these! On this page can be that expensive can frequently be met at various stamp auctions over... Of other versions of such stamp which were printed on a paper with smoother wove surface from 1847 being!