We would love to hear from anybody who knows where it came from. Can you complete our fiendishly difficult emoji quiz? Can you guess the Christmas songs from the emojis? It’s what you do. The challenge asks you to identify the holiday destinations based on the emoticons. No cheating Don’t forget to check our other tips and resources to plan the perfect family quiz night! It's time to find out. Many of our city's favourite restaurants make the quiz - in emoji form Try our new-look newsletter to get the biggest stories each day Sign me up When you … The emoji quiz is back! The latest quiz to test Brits’ knowledge uses nostal… COVID-19 update: Open for business, benefits available. If you love emoji-based games, than this is the new game to add to your list. It's free and works on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and more. How about guess the movie from the emoji? 1/9 Birmingham used to produce 75% of all the pens in the world. Test yourself or your family and friends with our emoji quiz, featuring iconic English towns and cities. Round two: The musical films emoji quiz . We'd love to recognise their efforts in keeping the city distracted during lockdown. Scroll further down for the answers. This fun emoji quiz scrambles country names into emoji sentences based on their phonetic reading. Emoji Quiz is available for free download on all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Top 5 Quiz #18 June 30, 2020. Coronavirus: Guess these 15 TV shows in our emoji quiz for some binge watch ideas. Yorkshire emoji quiz: Can you name these places from the emojis? //-->, Problems with Microsoft's latest OS? Scroll down for the answers \/ | | | | | | | Answers: The New Forest Blackpool Belfast Suffolk Brighton Manchester Bournemouth Sheffield Oxford Newcastle Dorset Glasgow Norfolk Bath Isle of Wight Cornwall … If you’re an emoji, you tell a story. 20 London landmarks and street names have been rendered in emoji. Have a go yourself - good luck!